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Whether you're making the trip to Newport or trusting our distillers with the choice, there's a perfect barrel for everybody.

The Single Barrel
Selection Experience

New Riff offers a robust Single Barrel Program where you will get to personally select your own one-of-a-kind barrel. Selections are bottled at barrel proof without chill filtration, allowing all the characteristics of the barrel to shine through. No two barrels are the same, each creating their own story.  Each bottle will be customized with your personal label. Half and quarter barrels are also available.

At New Riff we pride ourselves in creating an educational and engaging Barrel Selection experience every bit as singular as the barrel you are about to pick. If you purchase a Single Barrel you have the option, at no additional charge, of selecting your barrel of Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey nestled in our turn of the century tasting room located among the thousands of aging barrels at our West Newport Warehouse Campus.

Our Single Barrel Coordinators will lead you on a thorough and exciting experience starting with a tour of our Rickhouses, Bottling Hall, and entire warehouse campus. From there our hand selected Single Barrels await your consideration. We’ll grab a “thief” (traditional device used to “steal” a sample right out of the barrel). You’ll have the opportunity to read the brief descriptions of what our tasting team has identified as the singular characteristics of each barrel and pick a handful of barrels you want to taste – right from the barrel. We’ll narrow it down to three or four samples to take into the tasting room for further evaluation.

Once in our beautiful, historic tasting room, which dates back to 1903, we’ll discuss Bourbon tasting techniques before conducting your own sensory evaluation of your chosen barrels. Swirl! Nose! Taste! Lightly dilute! Nose! Taste! Debate! Ponder! Select your barrel and leave with a 100ml sample right from your barrel, your Glencairn glass, your tasting notebook, and lots of education and visuals to tide you over while we bottle and deliver your very own Single Barrel!

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