Pot Still

Kentucky Wild Gin

Our concept with Kentucky Wild Gin is to express the unique, native flavors local to New Riff Distilling, here in Northern Kentucky and the greater Ohio River Valley, within the dry, tangy, and zesty frame of a classic dry gin. Our research led us to distill dozens of botanicals from around the globe—herbs and peels, roots and seeds—to become intimately familiar with their flavor. We also reached into the hills and hollers around our distillery to find local flavor. In the end, we combine a classic set of gin botanicals—such as coriander, orris and angelica root, cinnamon, lemon and bitter orange, and of course juniper berries—with locally derived botanicals native and local to New Riff Distilling. One of these is a bit of goldenrod, Kentucky’s cheerful state flower. We also found a local native Americanjuniper, with a different, softer yet more piney flavor than European juniper. Most special of all: the spice bush, a small tree used by Kentucky’s settlers and Native Americans to season their stews for centuries. The spice bush offers a unique spicy flavor reminiscent of allspice crossed with pink peppercorn and cinnamon—a truly wild, undomesticated, one-of-a-kind flavor in all the world. It is Kentucky Wild.

Bourbon Barreled Kentucky Wild Gin

New Riff Distilling is pleased to release another member of our Kentucky Wild Gin family. Call it the older, wiser cousin: our usual house-distilled Kentucky Wild Gin, with the same ratio of classic and locally foraged gin botanicals, rested in freshly dumped Bourbon barrels. It is Seven months in our used O.K.I. Bourbon barrels have lent a subtle vanilla note to the proceedings, as well as a light golden hue. Try it in place of a whiskey in an Old Fashioned, or in its ultimate home: a Martinez cocktail.

Nose: spicebush and vanilla oak form a tantalizing duo, while wood spices tangle playfully with local juniper. Palate: Subtle oak tannin serves to amplify the dryness from angelica; orange peel is a bit more prominent.Finish: lovely angelica dryness, continued orange peel.