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Cocktails and Conversation: An introduction to the Enneagram with Leslie Hershberger

Join us in the Tower Room for Cocktails and Conversation. Cash bar available

Why do you do what you do? What if you could understand what drives you and use this understanding to improve your relationship with yourself and others? During this compelling conversation, you’ll learn 9 personality patterns. Each style has its own “super power” gifts. These gifts can be a problem when overused. With awareness, you learn to act with intention instead of REacting on automatic. You’ll learn the importance of using your heart, head and body to grow in self-awareness. As this presentation unfolds, you’ll find yourself full of “a-has” about yourself and others in your life. You’ll learn a simple practice to better manage yourself under stress and in relationships. Want to discover your Enneagram personality style before you arrive? Leslie has provided a quiz to guide you. Access it here. 


About Leslie Hershberger: Leslie believes inner change is as crucial as outer behavioral changes as it helps change stick. In her 17 years of experience working with individuals and groups throughout the U.S., Europe, Asia and South America as a facilitator, consultant and coach, Leslie knows when we’re self-aware, we tend to live fuller lives, make better decisions at work and home and raise more emotionally mature children. Using her expertise and extensive training in the Enneagram and Integral Living, she’s dedicated to teaching people self and interpersonal awareness.

February 27, 2018 - 7pm - 9pm - Tower Room



February 2018

7pm - 9pm

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