Column Still

New Riff New Make

New Riff New Make is our take on a traditional Kentucky White Dog. Our bourbon and rye mash is handmade on our 60 foot copper column still. This authentic spirit never touches a barrel, from the still to your glass! The unaged format showcases the honest personality of the water, corn, rye, and malted barley used in distillation. This bright spirit is truly a reflection of the terroir of Kentucky. New Riff New Make is complex, flavorful and full of aroma. Bottled unfiltered and cut to a rich yet mixable 90 proof, our White Dog brings character, backbone, and body to any cocktail.

Rye or Bourbon Mash -Available in 750 and 375 ml
Tasting Notes:
New Make Bourbon: Nose: Forward and fruity aromas against fresh-cut corn sweetness Palate: Remarkably supple and controlled, evolving to spicy rye midpalate Finish: Rides out on a surge of mouthcoating rye spice
New Make Rye: Nose: Remarkably forward and fruity-spicy Palate: Supple-sweet and soft, then brings gripping dry rye spice Finish: Super-zesty finish of rye spice, intensely dry


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